Being forced to abandon the business consultancy I built up over many years means the entirely of my considerable work ethic and search for meaning is now squarely focused on my arts practice.

To a large extent my illness has also influence the direction of the work I pursue. Sometimes my art practise is really hard work, other times it’s pure therapy. I have needed to learn to pursue that ‘flow’ which is nothing less than a mystical experience which I am convinced leads to some of my best work.

Thirdly, and most profoundly, I have experienced an unexpected benefit and source of inspiration in my work.

The only medication I have found to offer significant relief has an extraordinary side effect which can last for several hours after it has been administered. An effect called Synaesthesia.

Synaesthesia is a fancy name for the cross-over of your senses. In my case it means my inner vision lights up so I vividly see music as rapidly shifting patterns, shapes and colours. The experience is highly immersive and sometimes breath-takingly beautiful. I particularly enjoy ‘watching’ classical music because of its intricate complexity.

So I have recently shifted my focus from painting landscapes to attempting to share my inner landscape, offering others an opportunity to share in this remarkable, alternative reality.

At the time of writing I haven’t yet shared this work with anyone except a few close advisers and mentors I respect. Quite frankly this work is such a dramatic departure from my past work that I am experiencing a great deal of hesitation and uncertainty about putting this work ‘out there’. Nevertheless I’m beavering away in the background to produce a reasonable body of work before showing it to the world.