Mental illness and the making of art

There’s a kind of mystique about the link between mental illness and art and the most famous of all the archetypal stories is the one about Van Gogh cutting off his ear.

I am a reverential fan of Van Gogh’s work and I share the illness that plagued him. I know this because modern psychiatric researchers have used contemporary diagnostic techniques […]

Mental illness and the making of art2022-02-28T16:03:18+10:00

How my mental illness became a blessing in disguise

Being forced to abandon the business consultancy I built up over many years means the entirely of my considerable work ethic and search for meaning is now squarely focused on my arts practice.

To a large extent my illness has also influence the direction of the work I pursue. Sometimes my art practise is really hard work, other times it’s pure […]

How my mental illness became a blessing in disguise2022-02-22T07:12:47+10:00

Art and the search for meaning

A great deal has been written about meaning in art. After all, our brains are meaning making machines and the simple experience of looking at art has been discovered by many gallery visitors to be a very meaningful way to spend a few hours.

Of course I could wax lyrical about the inexorable links between art and philosophy. How over the […]

Art and the search for meaning2022-02-22T06:12:38+10:00
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